How I Can Help You

I assess and treat patients over the age of 18, with a special interest in complex mental health disorders and memory problems.

What conditions are covered?

My areas of clinical expertise include assessment and treatment of complex mental health problems including anxiety, depression, stress, personality problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, obsessive compulsive disorder, menopausal mood changes, emotional problems due to physical health problems and other conditions.

I have also significant experience in assessing and treating memory problems, dementia (Alzheimer’s type, Vascular, Mixed, Lewy body, Parkinson’s disease etc), mild cognitive impairment and other related conditions.

Diana Coffey

What to expect during the initial assessment?

During the initial assessment, you will have a comprehensive assessment of your mental health situation and relevant background. If necessary, you will be asked to complete structured assessments to enable accurate diagnosis. After the initial assessment, you will receive a clinic letter with your diagnosis, recommended medication changes, recommended investigations, treatment plan and other advice. With your consent, a copy of this assessment could be sent to your GP.

If you require a prescription, this could be issued during the appointment or you can opt for home delivery of prescribed medication. Alternatively, your GP could be advised about recommended medication changes.

What if my medication does not work?

I offer a Genetic test for optimising treatment choices in psychiatric disorders. This could only be offered after a comprehensive initial assessment. Click HERE for more information.

What kind of appointments are available?

I offer face-to-face and video consultations, and telephone consultations for the existing patients. Please see the available options and fees HERE.

How to arrange an appointment?

To arrange an appointment, you can self-refer. Prior to the assessment, I request a GP summary to obtain relevant medical history and investigations. I do not usually accept patients without GP summary unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Referrals are also accepted from other doctors, insurance companies or mental health professionals.

To make an appointment, please email Dr Coffey’s PA on or call +44 (0) 2382 182517